1. General
  2. Connexion setup and Metadata explorer
  3. Query Builder
    • Create joins with drag and drop, foreign keys or with csv definition.
    • Supports all types of join: inner, rigth-left-full outer, natural.
    • Supports group by, order by, subqueries, union ...
    • Pack (hide) or unpack unused columns from a table.
    • Save query as image or .sql.
    • Reverse SQL syntax to graph.
    • Arrange Entities in Graph. (Grid or Spring layouts).
    • Filter icon in graph for predicates.
    • Display (joins) graph even when not connected.
    • Format SQL text
    • Save table position and pack attribute as a comment in SQL
    • SQL Pivot function (Database independent equivalent for transform pivot)
    • SQL group_concat function (Database independent equivalent for listagg, list ,string_agg)
  4. Content/Preview
    • Grid display with data filtering, sorting
    • Filters populated with values
    • Jump to parent or child table data
    • Insert, update, delete data in grid
    • Export (html, insert, text or csv), import data
    • Export in PivotTable.js html
    • Cancel long running queries
  5. Command Editor
  6. SQL history
  7. Data Comparer (Based on Pivot table)
  8. Schema Comparer


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